Welcome To The MIG Training Academy



  1. Please Bookmark This Site On Your Browser as you will be referring to our Training Academy Frequently!
  2. As you progress through our Training Academy, you will probably have questions.  Please refer to our FAQS for frequently asked questions & if you still need support, visit our Support Center for additional help.
    • NEVER reply to any of our automated support ticket emails you may receive, if you do, they will not get read and addressed!  If you need to submit a support ticket, please follow the proper steps in our Support Center.
  3. MIG Training Network usernames & email addresses must match across all the various MIG Sites.  For example, when you register for the MIG Training Network and are assigned a username, make sure you use this same username for ALL your other log ins, such as your “MIG Tools” site.  The email you used when registering should also be used across ALL your MIG Sites.  Any changes made to a email address in one of these needs to be done as well in the other, otherwise, product access may not work correctly.  The only thing a member should change over time is their personal password. Usernames/emails should not change and should be the same across all MIG Platforms!
  4. Your Credit Card transactions for your MIG payments will be billed under “MIG Training Network”  Remember to make a note of this when you review your credit card charges to eliminate any confusion.

Congratulations & Welcome Aboard!

First of all, we would like to Welcome you and say Congratulations!  You took a very real step towards securing your Financial Future by purchasing one of our exclusive MIG Mobile Leads – Super Funnel System Plans!  The purpose of our Training Academy is to properly train you on every aspect of our Super Funnel System.

Whether you came in by simply purchasing one of our Super Funnel Plans, or you wish to promote the MIG System and make extra money while doing so, you will need to start marketing and generating your first “Cell Phone Verified Leads!”

Remember, you ONLY need to refer 2 others to our MIG Super Funnel Plans and if you sign up to be a MIG Affiliate, your MIG Mobile Leads System is FREE!  (This applies to our top level plan at $99.95)

Remember, if you do wish to promote the MIG System Plans, in order to make monthly residual income and MAX out the compensation plan, you will need to register as a PAID Affiliate! ($29.95 per month)



We even went so far as to get the official “Seal Of Approval”fromGrandma!  Our simplified training/fast start process is indeed “Granda Proof” EASY!



We have broken down your MIG Business “Fast Start” training into 2-parts:

All you have to do is complete both “Fast Start” tutorials and you will be off and running!  It shouldn’t take long at all to complete both tutorials and then you can start generating those AWESOME “Cell Phone Verified Leads” and EXPLODE your business!